10 Reasons December Is A Perfect Time To Find A Job

Here’s my 10 reasons December is the perfect time to find a job!

With winters approaching and the temperature dropping, life seems to have slowed down a bit. Many people looking for jobs seem to slow down their hunts but what they don’t know is that December might be your golden chance to finally get the job you’ve been looking for.

1.     Less Competition

Yes, you read that right. December is popularly known as the holiday or vacation month- try using this to your benefit by obviously not going on a vacation instead of applying for jobs. Since many people are traveling abroad or busy with their families, many job seekers might not be looking for jobs at that time.

Hence, you’ll be having less competition, and it will be easier for you to qualify for the post because the odds are more likely to be in your favor! The holiday season will prove to be a golden opportunity for you to get selected because you’ll be among the top candidates.

2.     You’ll Stand Out Among The Crowd

Qualifying for a job can be tough as there are a lot of parameters to excel in and make sure you tick all the criteria. Moreover, to make sure you get the post, you need to stand out, be different, and be noticeable, as this will automatically roll things in your favor.

Your dedication and focus will make you stand out because, when everyone is busy on vacations, you’re the one who is working hard looking for a job. This will make you stand out and make you a center of attention for employers.

3.     Higher Number Of Vacancies

There were times when you were perfect for a job, but due to the lack of any vacancy, you were not able to avail yourself of the chance. In December, many people tend to quit their jobs following the year-end bonuses, and this can provide you with a golden opportunity.

Since there might be a lot of sudden job openings and with employers making sure they get filled as soon as possible, there’s a high chance that you’ll get qualified. In many companies, recruiters tend to fill in year-end vacancies with more urgency than at any other time of the year.

4.     Recruiters Are Easily Approachable

With Christmas and New Year arriving, many staff members tend to go on leaves; however, not all heads and recruiters take days off during this time. As the office is low on staff, there is a slight chance that the recruiter reviews your CV or application, and you might even get to have a brief conversation with them before coming for the interview. If you think of it, this might actually be a great advantage for you.

5.     Great Networking Opportunities

There is a high chance for you to run into or meet someone at social events and gatherings that can offer you some great job opportunities or might refer you to someone. Christmas and New Year events are usually celebrated and hosted on a very large scale, giving you a chance to interact with professionals who can help you by exchanging contacts.

6.     Reconnect With Old Colleagues and Acquaintances

Many workaholics tend to spare time during the holiday season to catch up with their social life, and this is exactly what you might be needing. Use this time to reconnect and converse with your previous colleagues, friends, and clients- they might have some opportunity you’d like to avail. At times, interacting with the right people can help you discover a lot of new options and ideas that you might want to pursue.

7.     Seek Temporary Employment

With most offices being low on workers and employees during this season, certain companies might open up vacancies for temporary employers who would work to fill in for the ones who are on leave. This option might not be so common, but it is worth availing of because this will help open a lot of new options for you.

Moreover, you’ll be easily qualified for the temporary work, you’ll get paid and who knows if your work is really outstanding, they might offer you a permanent post! It’s a win-win situation, after all.

8.     Continued Job Hunt Momentum

If you lose your job searching pace and tend to slow down thinking it’s the holiday time, you might find it hard to get back to it when January arrives. Not only this, in January, you’ll be met with a sea of applicants which will, in turn, make acceptance difficult.

When you keep up your pace throughout December- looking for jobs, your momentum will be easier to keep up with, and you might be able to land on an opportunity before January starts.

9.     Higher Chances Of Exceptions

During December, many companies and their work pace tend to freeze or retard, mostly because many people are on leave or just because it’s the holiday season. When you apply during such times, there is a high chance you’ll get accepted or become an exceptional case for an additional vacancy because your diligence will be impressive and noteworthy. With everyone being on leave and you being available for work is simply a plus point for you.

10.   Leftover Budget

At times, many companies have a leftover budget at the end of the year they particularly weren’t sure of. With the year ending, numerous companies might consider opening up those job positions that will be advantageous to them, and they will also be able to afford. These positions are limited in number, which is why you might want to keep a close eye to land on these opportunities.

Looking for a job and dealing with all sorts of pressures related to it can get overwhelming at times; however, you must remember it’ll work out eventually as long as you don’t give up or stop working hard.

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