10 productivity podcasts to follow in 2021

Being productive doesn’t just happen, you work at it

We choose to be productive. We choose to be productive by creating an environment that encourages us to work and by equipping ourselves with mental and physical resources that encourage productivity. There are so many books, articles, videos and podcasts resources that are geared towards productivity and leading a purpose driven life

Podcasts provide free knowledge, entertainment and they’re perfect for listening while cleaning the house or driving around. Due to their conversational nature, they require less brain power and are a great way to learn about topics such as productivity. There are many productivity podcasts but we’ve compiled a list of 10 to get you started.

Here are 10 productivity podcasts to add to your 2021 plan:

1. The Productive Woman with Laura McClellan

The host of this podcast, Laura McClellan is a lawyer, writer and productivity enthusiast. As a woman who has home-schooled her children, taught childbirth classes, given birth to two of her youngest at home, cared for foster children, taught adult Sunday School classes and led women’s ministries programs and workshops at home-schooling conferences, she’s passionate to share the lessons she’s learned with other women.

Most of the time, women feel the need to be responsible for everything, keeping the home together, bringing up well behaved children and maintaining a career. The productive woman podcast seeks to help moms find peace and harmony by transforming their parenting.

The first step in doing this is recognizing and honouring your needs, which is what this podcast will help you achieve. The productive woman puts her needs first.

NO of episodes: 344

Latest episode: Productive living: Finding Peace with our Parenting with Lynetta Willis

Posting Frequency: Once a week.

2. The Darius Foroux Show – Master Your Productivity

This is a podcast about productivity, habits, decision making, and wealth building. I first interacted with Darius Foroux on his popular productivity Medium blog in 2018. By then, his podcast was one year old. Darius Foroux is a productivity enthusiast, author, teacher and entrepreneur. 

The Darius Foroux shows tackles everything from productivity, investing, digital entrepreneurship and writing as a career. As a Darius reader on Medium, I find his articles mind-opening when it comes to having a writing career and living a quality productive life.

NO of episodes: 116

Latest episode: How the World Can See You as an Authority

Posting Frequency: Once a week

3. The Accidental Creative

The Accidental Creative is a productivity podcast that helps creative teams and creative professionals generate ideas quickly and be more productive.  They help creatives do brilliant work, have better ideas and collaborate seamlessly.

As a person who’s in the Creative industry and depends on it for her bread and butter, Accidental Creative podcast is a go to resource for keeping up with new trends and tactics in the creative space.

Latest episode: Developing Fantastic Products with Phil Libin

Posting Frequency: Once a week

NO of episodes: 450+ episodes

4. Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn

The Smart Passive Income podcast started as a blog in 2008. Pat Flynn, the founder of the blog and podcast was laid off from his architect job which led him to pursuing entrepreneurship. Smart Passive income podcast hosts insightful conversations with online entrepreneurs and industry experts.

If you have an online business, you’d definitely benefit from listening to the Smart Passive income podcast. This podcast is a great resource for eCommerce shop owners, bloggers, podcasters and marketing enthusiasts. I’ve been known to binge watch their episodes on affiliate and email marketing as Pat Flynn is one of the pioneers of the blogging industry.

NO of episodes: 480

Latest episode: The Entrepreneurial Game that no One Ever Wins

Posting Frequency: About 4 times per week

5. The Tim Ferriss Show

The Tim Ferris show is the first business podcast to have over 100,000, 000 downloads. I first came across Tim’s work on Medium in 2018. Although he has since stopped writing on Medium, Tim continues to extract the tactics, tools, and routines you can use. This includes favourite books, morning routines, exercise habits, time-management tricks, and much more.

The Tim Ferris show is a must listen for anyone struggling with productivity and how to structure their day. By listening to world class performers, you can pick, choose and blend the productivity tips that work for you.

NO of episodes: 511

Latest episode: Hamilton Morris on Iboga, 5-MeO-DMT, the Power of Ritual, New Frontiers in Psychedelics, Excellent Problems to Solve, and More 

Posting frequency: Once a week.

6. Back To Work with Merlin Mann and Dan Benjamin

Back to Work is an award winning talk show with Merlin Mann and Dan Benjamin discussing productivity, communication, work, barriers, constraints, tools, and more. It’s hosted by Merlin Mann and Dan Benjamin and was founded in 2009 by Dan as part of other shows such as The Talk show, The Big Web show, The Pipeline and more.

The Back to work podcast covers problem solving, interconnected infrastructure and once in a while, movies. Sign up for the Back to work podcast to get tips on blogging, mental health during a pandemic and much more.

NO of episodes: 528

Latest episode: Half a Parachute 

Posting Frequency: Once a week

7. Beyond the to-do list with Eric Fisher

Beyond the to-do lists explores all aspects of productivity to help you meet your obligations and achieve work-life balance. The host, Eric Fisher interviews people who use practical productivity strategies that the average person can implement in their home or career life.

Beyond the to-do list is a refreshing podcast where you get to hear people’s success and failure at organizing their lives and learn how to win at work and succeed in life.

NO of episodes: 355

Latest episode: Dave Crenshaw on the Myth if Multitasking

Posting Frequency: Once a week

8. She Did it her Way with Amanda Boleyn

Amanda Boleyn is the founder and host of She Did It Her Way. She Did It Her Way teaches women how to start their business from scratch so that they can make their ultimate leap from Corporate to being their own boss. 

She did it Her Way was first launched as a Podcast in January 2015 and has been ranked as one of the top resources for female entrepreneurs by Forbes, Inc.com and Huffington post.  Amanda’s podcast focuses on motivation, marketing, systems, money, mindset and taking the leap from your 9-5 job to starting a business.

NO of episodes: 448

Latest episode: How to Get Started on YouTube with Trena Little 

Posting Frequency: Once a week

9. Simplify from Blinkist

Blinkist takes the world’s bestselling nonfiction books and condenses them into focused little capsules of audio and text that take just fifteen minutes to digest with their Simplify podcast.

Simplify offers 6 episodes from 6 authors on 6 ways to simplify your life. Simplify is for anybody who’s taken a close look at their habits, their happiness, their relationships, or their health and thought “There’s got to be a better way to do this.”

Simplify talks to productivity wizards, happiness experts, and bestselling writers to help you simplify your life. Some of Simplify hosts include Laura Vanderkam, Gretchen Rubin, Seth Godin, Ryan Holiday, Charles Duhigg, Guy Winch, Jen Sincero and Sebastian Klein.

NO of episodes: 41 Episodes

Latest episode: Sebastian Klein: Change your Behaviour, Change your Business

Posting Frequency: No more episodes have been updated.

10. Love your work with David Kadavy

Love your work podcast is a podcast by David Kadavy shows you how to be productive when creativity matters and how to get things done. 

Go through the episodes for insightful conversations with Industry players such as Dan Ariely, David Allen, Seth Godin and James Altucher. David Kadavy is also the author of Mind Management not Time Management, the Heart to Start and Design for Hackers.

From success, to failure, onliness business and understanding the future, you’ll get all the inspiration you need to love your work on the Love your work podcast. David seeks to help you  get the courage to do things that might not work, and how to find that one thing that only you can do for the world.

NO of episodes: 254 Episodes

Latest episode: Why I Lost $4,000 on my BookBub Featured Deal (& Why I’d Do it Again) – Love your Work 

Posting Frequency: Almost monthly

Being productive and inspired to work takes a lot of learning and relearning. It takes listening to podcasts, copying experts and repurposing their tips to suit your home and work life. Another way to learn from experts in your industry on how they structure their days is by reading books they have written. 

Listening to a productivity podcast is not enough. You need to be disciplined enough to follow through and dedicate time to practice what you have learned. With the current work and health environment, It’s very important to listen to podcasts and create a new work from home routine that enhances your productivity. What are your favourite productivity podcasts? Let us know in the comments below.

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